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  Epiphany Church Softball Field - 1530 Norwalk Drive  Katy, TX  77450


         Saturday, January 19, 2013 and Sunday, January 20, 2013


                          Saturday & Sunday - First game at 7am
12 coed Teams will battle it playing cabbage ball during our weekend tournament!  The teams will be made up of at least four girls and six guys.  All cabbage ball rules will apply, similar to softball.  No sliding, no bunting, and no stealing!  All games will be one hour long.  We will have an umpire assigned to each game!  Let's get it on!  It will be double elimination so all teams will play at least two games!  The Tournament fee is $350 per team and each team will receive a free cabbage ball.  Throughout the weekend, we will have unlimited water available for all players! - SIGN UP TODAY!
                                 1st Place Prize
    $2,500.00, Team Trophy, and Limousine night on the town
                                2nd Place Prize
                         $350.00 and Team Trophy

                                3rd Place Prize
                                   Team Trophy